Lilac Foodmine

Multi-vendor delivery App and management software

Lilac Foodmine is an Online Food and Grocery Delivery/ Ordering software. Powerful and easy use Mobile Centric delivery management software for your business. Streamline your whole Instant Product delivery operations with our powerful delivery application. Foodmine offers an incredible experience to customers, from receiving orders to delivering the products

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Customer App

Your customers get an opportunity to explore the endless range of categories & cuisines in a single tap.

Rider App

Unique features for making the pickup & delivery more comfortable for your Delivery Partners.

Vendor App

Simplify the task from confirming an order to complete the delivery for your restaurant partners.

Control Dashboard

Enhance the teamwork with the admin support to address client challenges quicker.

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Make your Instant delivery company successful by taking advantage of digitalisation with flexible on-demand food delivery software creation platforms to provide enhanced functionality to your customers with real-time visibility experiences and infinite capability from our customised foodmine instant delivery app platform

With Foodmine, you can expand your business and deliver to new customers since our logistics team has you covered.

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Why People like Lilac Foodmine as Best Delivery Platform

360º Customisation

Elastic Product Search

Push Notification

Digital Menu

Quick Order

Reviews & Rating

Customers Application

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Simple login interface makes logging into your application simpler by either entering your basic information or opting to log in to social media.

Using the convenient interface, you can scroll through the complete menu, filtered by dish, restaurant name or a category.

You can search for the restaurants in your locality based on the location-based search.

Once a food is ordered you don’t have to simply wait for it, you can keep a track of the delivery with the real-time tracking provided.

Calling up the delivery boy for any reason is a simple task with the in-built chat and call facility.

Once the food is delivered and you are done with eating, you are provided with options to rate the food and services, which will help improve the quality of the entire process.

Rider Application

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Enable your drivers to register in the app via Phone number or social media networks of Gmail and Facebook which will make it easy for drivers to log into the app by entering personal data.

Drivers to receive push notifications on new orders and when the food procurement request is closed, a sound note can be sent for the order.

Drivers can also manage multiple food deliveries at the same time and fulfill all orders near other delivery points.

In the end, the delivery boy has to pick the fastest and easiest way to hit the spot in a last-minute delivery and delivery on schedule. It also helps him get to the right location.

The driver is rated for his order delivery from the restaurant as well as the user. This helps him improve his performance for further deliveries.

Preserve a full profile that contains a photo, name, e-mail address, phone number, and other valuable details about your drivers. Drivers will maintain updated profiles.

Vendor Application

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The restaurant owner establishes a restaurant account and they are routed to the dashboard's homepage. They will keep track of outstanding requests, finished and deliverable orders to help explain and sum up what is happening.

This is the key part of the creation of for on-demand food distribution app, since it is necessary to produce food on time. If you take a longer time than expected, you can cancel the order and view the error as a failure that can leave a bad impact.

Any restaurant owner can add photos, name, logo, food images, operating hours, minimum order volume and add all available menus along with the price and estimated delivery period to the restaurant owner's account.

The customer must send money to banks and other platform or Wallet app at their convenience in the payment segment. The display of daily revenue reports can also be applied to the background.

The restaurant can view all the orders together in dashboard, be it the daily, weekly, or monthly order history, everything can be tracked.

The menu can be easily updated since it is digitally done in simple steps; this helps the restaurant to update any changes in the menu easily.

Real-time web control dashboard of Food Delivery Software Solution

The admin of the food delivery application has the authority to generate all the reports at a regular interval to monitor performances which helps him to track the status of the users, delivery boys as well as the restaurants.

The food delivery application saves the customer data which, the admin has access to, and this data can be used by the admin for future to know the customer's taste and send offers accordingly.

Once the food is delivered, the user is provided an option to rate the restaurant as well as the delivery partners. This feedback helps the admin to analyze the performance and to also keep up with the standards.

Offers and promo codes play an important role in the food delivery system. The more the offers are brought in, the more the customers will be attracted. The admin has an option to generate and manage these offers.

The email and alerts helps the admin to stay connected with the users. The new offers and alerts are sent to the users which helps them to stay connected to the application.

The admin manages the location which plays a major part in the delivery process. The location is divided into territories and all the reports are managed by admin territory wise.

How People Love Lilac Foodmine

Glenn Whittaker

Foodmine is a user-friendly application. Not only us but also our customers, find it uncomplicated, which is fantastic. Whenever we have a problem or want assistance, we contact the staff, and they respond quickly. The order can be placed with a few clicks, and the user doesn't have to go through any hassle.

Lisa Bechina

At present, I believe we have the most robust and comprehensive online ordering system with Foodmine. The system has provided us with a saving volume of a substantial percentage of the turnover from the first weeks of operation, and it has also delivered us improved monthly sales amid the most difficult times.

Preston Glevos

Foodmine is an excellent platform with sophisticated features and great versatility! During this modern era of multiple food delivery applications, Foodmine stands out for us it, allows small companies like us to get internet orders at no expense. It comes highly recommended.

David Joe

Foodmine is the most accessible tool we've encountered for setting up menus and product alternatives because it is mainly self-explanatorily and we can add or change products in just a few clicks with little to no loading time. From a client's perspective, it is also quite welcoming.

Jaime Clint

Accepting orders in real time on a smartphone is quite convenient. We can now process more orders faster, which our clients appreciate. Foodmine is an innovative and free food ordering system for online orders that we have been dreaming of for a long time. It is very easy to set up, Highly recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any Category can be added through Admin Panel, but properties and functionalities are the same. but we can customise foodmine as a Change Request.

Foodmine is a user-friendly instant delivery app with all the latest features like live tracking, multiple payment gateways, in-app chat, etc.

The cost of a food delivery app development is based on the requirements provided by the client, since it is a fully customized app.

Food delivery industry is never going offboard, for the simple reason that food is a necessity. Also the recent pandemic situation also saw a major growth in the food delivery sector.

Yes, Foodmine is fully customizable.

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